Medikal Arama Kurtarma Derneği (MEDAK) is looking for Mid/Senior Software Engineer

Medikal Arama Kurtarma Derneği (MEDAK)

Istanbul, Türkiye Remote

Full time

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May 3

Mid/Senior Software Engineer (Turkey)

Full time


Hello there!

If you’re looking for an impactful job where you get to build tech products for the Turkish earthquake victims/disaster relief and refugee committee in Turkey, read on!

Who are we?

HERA Inc ( is a US-registered non-profit organization whose mission is to improve disaster relief operations with tech and increase access of disaster victims and refugees to free public healthcare. We currently have 4 LIVE tech products used by international NGOs and displaced victims/refugees that forward our mission in this. We are looking for mid-tier or senior software engineers to join our team and scale our impact exponentially! We are working with leaders from the industry including Node.js core collaborators, so you will have a chance to work and learn from the best!

P.S. : We have also open-sourced these projects to give it to the world for free!

Job Prerequisites:

  • Always open and ready to experiment with and build fresh, new, never done before ideas
  • Strong fundamentals in software engineering principles
  • Able to work independently with good quality code where a code review will not be required.
  • Portfolio with URL to live mobile app or web projects. Wherever a URL is not available, a video demo or photo screenshots will be acceptable. Do also indicate which projects were done solo by you and which were done in a group. For group projects, do indicate clearly which parts you built.
  • Track record of jobs or volunteer work in other charities, NGOs or non-profit organizations
  • Willingness to work hard and learn fast!

Technical Prerequisites:

  • Native Turkish and proficient English
  • Based in Turkey / Have work authorization to work in Turkey

Bonus Points (Optional):

Familiar with our tech stack (React Native, PostgreSQL, Django, Node JS, Next JS). If you are not familiar with all our tech stack, that’s OK too! We believe anyone with passion and hard work will be able to learn new tech stacks on the job.

Resident in the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes affected region.

Working Hours:

HERA Inc is a fully remote, flexi-hour company. The requirement is to work full-time. Whether you work 9 am to 6 pm daily, or 4 hours on some days and 12 hours on other days, it is up to you. We trust you will be accountable, responsible and disciplined in ensuring progress to release new product features, updates and even crazy new ideas to maximize impact on the refugee population and displaced victims.

There will be times you will be required to conduct fieldwork where we interview, test our products and do user research in person with our refugee population. We found these face-to-face field research sessions are most effective in studying the usability of products we build and gathering data on what to improve and build next.

Project 1: WhatsApp Earthquake Bot


In the field, many NGOs and charities are rapidly setting up mobile facilities like mobile clinics, mobile pharmacies, mobile showers, etc in the earthquake disaster zone. Being able to track the location of these mobile facilities can be a tedious and complicated task. On the other hand, almost every field worker in Turkey has WhatsApp installed on their phone for communication. We made a bot that makes it super simple for field workers to add a location of a mobile facility they just installed to the bot. All they have to do is text their location to the bot on Whatsapp and done!

Tech Stack: Next JS, AWS, Node JS, Firebase, Turn.IO and WhatsApp APIs

Project 2: LIVE Health Center Status Map


After an earthquake, no one knows which hospitals and clinics are fully operational, half operational or totally destroyed. It is important for victims, NGOs and volunteers to know at all times which hospitals and clinics are operational for more efficient coordination and saving of lives. The Hera team together with the MEDAK ( team has formed a team of volunteers who physically verifies the location and status of each and every public healthcare center in the directory. This is then update into a Google Sheets with data shown on a Google Map. The Google Map data is updated every 10 minutes for as high an accuracy as possible.

Project 3: Patient-Doctor Translation Service


In the disaster zone, there are victims from Turkey and Syria and doctors including volunteer doctors from various countries globally. Language barriers are bound to exist and for better patient-doctor communication, we’ve built a real-time voice translation service.

Tech Stack: Google Translate API's

Project 4: Hera Digital Health Platform

Google Playstore URL:

Apple App Store URL:

This is a free mobile app that helps refugees and displaced victims navigate the public healthcare system in Turkey in a super simple and easy to use manner. With just the data about a mother’s pregnancy week and a child’s birthday, the app automatically calculates the dates of necessary vaccinations and medical checkups as per the WHO guidelines. The mum can easily view public healthcare centers near her where she can get the recommended checkups and vaccinations for free. Timely reminders are sent before these vaccinations and checkups to increase maternal health and child health.

Tech Stack: React Native, Expo, Django, PosgreSQL, Docker

Backend Infrastructure: AWS Copilot, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS CodePipeline

Note: You do not need to know any of the tech stack or backend infrastructure before applying. We are a strong believer that a good coder with strong programming fundamentals will be able to pick up any tech stacks needed to get the job done

Ready to build bold, new, products that will change lives and become a well-loved product among the worldwide refugee population? Send your resume before 02.06.2023 to

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