Turkey Europe Foundation team is seeking a Project Specialist to join the team of SAHNE project

Türkiye Avrupa Vakfı

Istanbul, Türkiye

Full time

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Jan 6

This job is no longer accepting applications.

 About TAV

Turkey Europe Foundation (TAV) is a civil society organization based in Istanbul with a national scope. TAV mainly works for Turkey’s advancement to a European development framework by focusing on specific areas such as youth mobility, capacity development, civil society dialogue, democratic participation, governance, and innovative media for peace. TAV has experience in capacity building of CSOs, youth mobility, research, and European Union policies. The foundation is mainly collaborated and financed by external donors such as the EU, UNESCO, Sweden Consulate, Netherlands Consulate, and the private sector. TAV has extensive experience in EU-funded project management.

Project Summary

Early Warning System to Fight Fake News and Hate Speech (SAHNE) project has been implemented by TAV with the financial support of the European Commission; SAHNE project aims to develop early warning signals prevention mechanisms to inform the public and relevant stakeholders on the negative effects of hate speech and fake news. Objectives of the project are to:

·Monitor social media by developing an early warning system to detect fake news, hate speech, and potentially violent conflicts

·Sub-grant to activists and non-governmental organizations to contribute to the practice of hate speech and good journalism by providing capacity-building training to journalists, activists, university students, and CSOs on fact-checking, post-truth politics, verification, and hate speech.

·Improve young people's media literacy by providing online training on disinformation and misinformation, fake news, and hate speech

·Organise workshops on shared culture and identity, gender equality, non-violent communication for youths, and creating a free expression space/environment.

Location: Istanbul

Job type: Full-time/ Fixed term contract

Duration of Job: 23 months 

Job Description: Working closely with project coordinator and manager as well as data journalist and training&volunteering coordinator. Prepare agendas, signature lists, reports of relevant activities, invitation e-mails, content of announcements and news for website and social media. Documentation of technical and financial dossiers. Assist project members especially project coordinator and manager.

Responsibilities and key preferred experience for the Project Specialist:

  • Provide administrative support to processing and facilitating proper documentation management
  • Store, manage, and track documents as hard copy in dossiers and soft copy in GoogleDrive
  • Provide general administrative and logistical support to the project team in accordance with the EU rules and PRAG regulations
  • Provide administrative support to conferences, workshops, training, and meetings
  • Prepare agenda of the meetings, events, and organizations, and report on these activities
  • Regularly update the website and social media channels with engaging content in accordance with visibility, social media, and PR plan
  • Provide continuous and sustainable communication with service providers 
  • Provide communication with project partner and relevant stakeholders
  • Provide communication with civil society, the public and private sector, and academicians when it is necessary
  • Assist project coordinator, manager, and other project team members
  • Work closely with data journalist and training&volunteer coordinator
  • Control of HR documents in assistance to the Accounting and Finance Manager
  • Take responsibility in office works

The qualifications and key skills required for the position are:

• Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, international relations, political sciences, and/or a relevant area.

• Minimum 3 years of experience in project implementation, coordination, and/or assistance

• Experience working in EU-funded and/or internationally-funded projects

• Understanding of country context related to hate speech and fake news

• Knowledge of hate speech on social media

• Knowledge of social media usage in an ethnically polarised setting, social conflicts, biases responding to online opposition, and the prevalence of hate speech on Twitter

• Excellent writing skills in Turkish and English

• Advanced organizational and reporting skills

• Have an interest in mass media, social media, hate speech, and journalism

• To be an individual with advanced critical thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills

• Knowledge of meeting management, facilitation, and presentation techniques

• Knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs, Google Drive, and Trello

• Knowledge of WordPress and other relevant website management 

How to apply:

Interested candidates can send their EuropeAid CV(pdf) and motivation letter (max. 300 words) to info@turkiyeavrupavakfi.org with the subject: “ Project Specialist” before 18.01.2023 

PS: Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Therefore, we encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

PS 2: It is a position for only Turkish native speakers.

As TAV, there is no discrimination based on race, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, physical or mental disability, religion, sect, nationality, or similar criteria in our recruitment processes. Candidates are evaluated based on their abilities, education, experience, and suitability. In order to preserve the diversity of our team and broaden our perspective, we encourage candidates with socially disadvantaged identities to apply. 

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