and are not profit-seeking establishments. 30% of the charges received for job ads/tender announcements, publishing banners, and special contents are spent on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads for them to reach your target audience and be visible. The remaining part is used for websites to be more sustainable.

We, as, have long been working without any profit-making purposes for sivil society organizations in Turkey to be visible, and, as, we try to facilitate and support organizations in their processes of looking for teammates. is a communication and correspondence platform for all stakeholders in civil society. Through this platform, you can access up-to-date job ads of civil society organizations, training calls, grant and tender announcements, and publications prepared to strengthen and improve the field. Our goal is to be a user-friendly, online platform communicating updates in civil society to those who are interested in a fast and up-to-date fashion. All contents on are published completely free and shared on all of communication channels.

Separating the career section of at the beginning of 2021, we launched a new website called Through, we are trying to support civil society organizations in their search for teammates. We have so far posted 500 job ads on and, with these job ads, we have allowed organizations to find individuals they are looking for.

The cost of posting and disseminating 1 job ad/tender call of yours on is TL 1,000.00 + VAT for each ad. 

Your ads remain published indefinitely. If you cannot find any suitable candidates within the period of your ad, we continue to offer support via all communication platforms afterwards for the announcement of your ads as well as prolongation of the application period.

Yes, we have a package of posting unlimited amount of job ads for a year. The cost of this package is TL 7,500.00 + VAT.

The following services are provided within the scope of this package:

We disseminate job ads through all social media accounts, Telegram channel and e-bulletin system of, and place Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords advertisements.

You can send the advertisement fee via EFT/Wire Transfer. does not serve as a private employment agency. It is an online platform publishing the jobs ads in civil society. It does not collect resumes for job applications, accept or evaluate job applications. People who wish to apply for a job can submit their applications directly to the relevant civil society organization's own system or e-mail address.

Your ad will be published and shared with your banner within 24 hours after your payment is completed.

Your e-invoice is forwarded to your e-mail address on the day your ad is published. We do not send printed invoices.

You can send the advertisement text that includes the deadline and the e-mail address of application and the visual you have prepared for the advertisement, if any, to the e-mail address

For ad management; you can send an e-mail to and update your ads.

You can ask all of your questions about ad posting by e-mail to